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Thrust Ball Bearing Crack How To Deal With

The flat thrust ball bearing are loaded and the nominal contact angle is greater than 45 °, very standard, and the structure is the basic part of the shaft ring and the race and with or without the cage of the rolling body, the plane thrust ball bearing has a unique flat bearing channel Get the technology, which is the type of other bearing features that improve its own performance.

The use of high-speed hot forging forming process to improve the utilization of materials 18% to low noise and long life of the bearing, it can be said that the scientific and technological content is also high, because of this, it maintains the surface nitriding new technology to improve the tensile strength 64% of the cage. Widely used in elevator accessories production base, plastic machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, pressure on the rotor, fitness and sports equipment and many other areas.

Flat thrust ball bearing are usually divided into four kinds of cracks can be divided into four kinds, namely fatigue crack, crack crack, vibration crack, hard and brittle crack

Troubleshooting: If the installation direction is faulty, adjust the direction to reinstall and replace the damaged parts.

Case Comments: Many mechanical problems are not due to the quality of parts caused by, but because there is no installation in accordance with the instructions prompted the wrong. Dealers in dealing with mechanical problems, the first to consult the stacking manual is not installed symbol prompts, find out the cause of the problem and then repair.

Flat thrust ball bearing in the assembly mainly bear axial load, its wide range of applications. Although the thrust bearing installation operation is relatively simple, but the actual maintenance is still often an error occurs, that is, the bearing ring and loose ring installation position is not correct, the results of the bearing loss, the journal quickly wear. The tight ring is mounted on the end face of the stationary member, ie the wrong assembly. Tight ring inner ring and journal for the transition with the shaft when the rotation of the tight ring, and with the static parts of the friction occurred in the axial force (Fx), the friction torque will appear greater than the diameter of the resistance torque, resulting in tight Ring and shaft with the surface forced rotation, exacerbate journal wear.

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