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Thrust Ball Bearing Are Divided Into Several Types?

Thrust ball bearing with high-speed operation can withstand the design of the thrust load, with a rolling ball rolling groove with a ring-shaped ring. As the ring for the seat cushion, therefore, thrust ball bearing are divided into flat seat cushion and aligning spherical cushion type two types. In addition, this bearing can withstand axial load, but can not bear the radial load. In general, thrust ball bearing are divided into the following types:

Angular contact ball bearings

1. One-way thrust ball bearing

The contact angle of the bearing is 90 degrees, can only withstand the one-way axial load, you can limit the shaft or shell axial displacement in one direction, the installation axis and the shell hole axis is not allowed to tilt.

2. One-way thrust ball bearing with outer cover

No one-way thrust bearing, with stamping cover, non-separable bearing, can withstand one-way axial load, dust-proof effect. Compared with the same size of the retainer of the one-way thrust ball bearings, the kind of bearing the number of steel balls installed, axial bearing capacity is higher, lower limit speed.

3. Two-way thrust ball bearings

The axial thrust ball bearing can withstand axial load in both directions, which limits the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in both directions and is not allowed to tilt with the axis of the housing bore during installation.

The difference between the thrust ball bearing and the angular contact ball bearing is as follows:

First: the use of the upper thrust ball bearings and thrust ball bearings can not bear the same radial force, and angular contact ball bearings can bear both radial and axial force.

Second: Thrust ball bearings bear the axial force than the angular contact ball bearings much larger. About 2 times.

Third: angular contact ball bearing precision than the thrust ball bearing the accuracy of much higher, can withstand the speed is much higher, can be used as a spindle bearing.

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