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The Method Of Distinguishing Missing Needle Roller Bearing

Society in the development of needle roller bearing quality continues to improve,needle roller bearing factory is also looking forward to the performance of the bearing products have improved, to gradually join the ranks of the quality of the bearings. Changzhou Yang Jia bearing for the bearing product quality requirements are high, but can not prevent the fake bearing products appear in the market. At present, there are still many customers will encounter the harm of shoddy needle roller bearing, not only is the damage caused by equipment, but also affect the progress of the project, in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses in production, so we are very important for the correct identification of shoddy bearings The

Since the fake needle roller bearing are usually produced in an informal production environment, the manufacturing process of the product itself is certainly very bad, which can be identified from the manufacturing process of the bearing product. Second, the bearing products used in the packaging products can be seen whether the bearing products are fake and shoddy products, pay close attention to observe the needle roller bearing above the manufacturer marked whether the full compliance; then pay attention to bearing products in the sales channel problems, if it is To the regular manufacturers to buy the bearing products, then rarely buy fake bearing products, and if it is to the hardware market and other places to buy, then it is likely to buy fake and shoddy bearing products; Finally, observe the manufacturers of bearings Whether the technology is mature, technically immature that must be in the bearing of the precision requirements is certainly not up to the standard. Needle roller bearing products can not rely on lower costs to win the market, this situation is usually used in low-quality bearing raw materials for production, and regular needle roller bearing products are using high-quality bearing raw materials, only to be able to ensure that the bearing Service life.

As long as the customer understand the above factors, know how to buy needle, then it will not be afraid to buy fake and shoddy needle bearing products, choose our factory production of needle bearing products, we will provide you with more Needle roller bearing and other aspects of the introduction, at the same time to provide you with a reliable bearing products.

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