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Spherical Roller Bearing Have Good Self-aligning Performance

Spherical roller bearing with two rows of rollers, mainly to bear the radial load, but also can withstand any direction of the axial load. Has a high radial load capacity, especially for heavy duty or vibration load work, but can not withstand the pure axial load. This type of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical, so the self-aligning performance is good, can compensate for coaxial error.

There are two symmetrical spherical roller, the outer ring has a common spherical roller, the inner ring with two bearing axis tilt angle of the raceway, with good self-aligning performance, when the shaft bending or installation of different heart When the bearing can still be used normally, aligning with the bearing size series vary, generally allowed to align the angle of 1 to 2.5 degrees, the type of bearing capacity is greater, in addition to radial load bearing can withstand Bi-directional axial load, with good impact resistance, in general, spherical roller bearing allow the work of the lower speed.

Spherical roller bearing are divided into symmetrical spherical roller and asymmetrical spherical roller with different cross-sectional shapes. Asymmetric spherical roller bearing are early products, mainly for the mainframe maintenance service, the new design of the host It is rarely used symmetrical spherical roller bearing, the internal structure of a comprehensive improvement in the design and optimization parameters, and early production of spherical roller bearing, can withstand greater axial load, the bearing operating temperature Lower, it can be adapted to the requirements of higher speed, according to the inner ring with or without the use of the cage can be divided into C-type and CA-type two, C-type bearing is characterized by inner wall without ribs and the use of steel Stamping cage, CA-type Terry bearing the characteristics of the inner ring are both sides of the ribs and the use of car body cage. In order to improve the lubrication of the bearing, the user can provide the outer ring with annular oil groove and three oil hole of the spherical roller bearing to bearing post code / W33 said. According to the user's request can also be supplied with inner ring oil hole of the spherical roller bearing, in order to facilitate the customer loading and unloading and replacement of bearings, but also provide the inner hole with a tapered spherical roller bearing, tapered taper 1:12 , Then code-named K said, in order to meet the requirements of special users can also provide the inner hole taper of 1:30 of the bearing, which code-named K30. The inner bore with a taper bearing can be mounted directly on the tapered journal with a locking nut, or the bearing can be mounted on a cylindrical journal with an adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve. In order to ensure that the bearing in the high-speed operation to prevent centrifugal role in the raceway and roller between the harmful slip, the bearing should bear a certain minimum radial load, the size can be estimated according to the following:

Fr = 0.02C


Fr - minimum radial load

Basic load rating of the C - bearing

Equivalent dynamic load

P = Fr + Y1Fa when Fa / Fr e

P = 0.67Fr + Y2Fa when Fa / Fr e


P-equivalent dynamic load N

Y1 Y2 - Axial dynamic load factor

Equivalent static load

P0 = Fr + Y0Fa


P0 - equivalent static load N

Y0 - axial static load factor

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