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Spherical Roller Bearing Clearance Inspection Method

Rolling inspection method of spherical roller bearing

This inspection method and the feeler slip test method are to measure the maximum gap between the a sub and the outer raceway, the same measurement position, the difference is that in this method, the spike inserted between the outer raceway and the roller, Do not move, but the rotation of the inner ring to roll the roller, the roller rolling through a small range of plugs, but the large range of standard feet, that the bearings strange to pass qualified, otherwise unqualified. As the inspection process in the inner ring and roller rolling, the roller easy to maintain accurate position, if the inspection staff within the P2 force is relatively stable, the measured value is more stable.

Spherical Roller Bearing Spike Checking Method

The gap position measured by the spike gauge is shown in Fig. As long as the bearing inside and outside the outer ring to the correct position, according to the strange to the clearance of the technical standards specified in the corresponding value to prepare the ruler can be checked. The inspector inserts the feeler along the outer raceway between the outer raceway and the roller, and then slides in the circumferential direction, and the clearance between the outer raceway and the roller can not pass through the large fan scale. Bear strange to pass clearance qualified, otherwise unqualified.

The accuracy of the double row aligning Spherical Roller Bearing sorting dimension is directly related to the high efficiency of the set, and the main reason for the error in the sorting process is as follows:

1, the impact of the technical level of the operator.

Such as measuring the size of the product when the force, the accuracy of the reading, the failure of the instrument to determine the adjustment and the skills of the table.

2, the impact of the geometric shape of the measured ring.

3, the impact of temperature changes during measurement.

4, the measurement of sorting, the environment, the impact of light on the measurement of the impact of the impact of the ring and the degree of cleaning equipment, assembly operations from the impact of external vibration.

5, the stability of the instrument and instrumentation, the fulcrum and the accuracy of the measurement point, the degree of wear, the uniformity of force and so on.

6, work responsibility. Thrust spherical roller bearing have set the quality of the first thought, work mood and spirit is concentrated, will affect the sorting size is not true, resulting in chaotic size of the ring.

7, raceway size standard parts of their own error and wear degree, the calculation of error, dimensional stability and so on.

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