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Reduce The Deep Groove Ball Bearing Vibration Value Of Some Of The Practice Of Understanding!

Bearing manufacturers in the industry known as the evergreen ball deep groove ball bearings, with its large amount of wide, has been living in the top ten basic types of bearings, production accounted for about 70% of bearing production. As a result of a set of standard deep groove ball bearings, only the outer ring, inner ring, cage, rolling and other four pieces made of its product design and development has already achieved a standardized, unified and open. The standard deep groove ball bearing production has no product design, development, development of the cost of expenditure, manufacturers only need to purchase special grinding equipment can produce standard deep groove ball bearing finished rings, can purchase standard steel Ball, cage, can be assembled anytime, anywhere their own brand of deep groove ball bearings, while in the deep groove ball bearing flow market and a variety of grades of different quality products, to a certain extent, put aside the price factor, a business as long as With a deep groove ball bearing production capacity, it may be found in the circulation market for their own consumer groups. That is, any enterprise can not really deep groove ball bearing production and marketing monopoly, only one stage in a little lead, so in the deep groove ball bearings in the competition, high, refined, low noise products into the home appliances , Motor, motorcycle, car and other host market competition, grasp the circulation of the sales direction is the pursuit of each enterprise goals. At present, a considerable number of enterprises rely on artificial high-volume products from the separation of high-precision and low noise bearing method, has been far from the market for deep groove ball bearings own quality and price requirements. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of enterprises to produce high-quality, low-noise deep groove ball bearings in mass production economy, this paper puts forward some views on the current reduction of deep groove ball bearings in the grinding process and the technical conditions between processes The Understanding of Some Methods of Vibration Value of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

(A) of the current bearing processing industry on the deep groove ball bearing vibration factors of understanding

The large number of experiments conducted by domestic and foreign research institutions have come to the conclusion that:

1, steel ball, inner and outer rings, cage surface size tolerance, shape and position tolerance, surface quality will affect and produce bearing noise. 

2, the cage, the ring and the ball three kinds of deep groove ball bearings of the main parts of the bearing vibration of the degree of impact is 1: 3: 8 relationship. In the case of

3, bearing rings outside the channel and the ball of the waviness of the deep groove ball bearing vibration of the degree of impact is 1: 2: 5 relationship. 

4, bearing rings on the bearing vibration value of the main factors are channel roundness, waviness, surface roughness, groove curvature, channel surface bumps, which is the most serious impact of the channel waviness and surface roughness. Bearing the WeChat version of the contents of professional depth, it is worth learning attention! 

(Ii) the general practice taken by enterprises to reduce the noise level

1, a substantial increase in technical requirements between the process, generally from the P6 level to P5 level and even P4-level technical requirements to ensure that the process of processing between the bearing parts have sufficient precision reserves.

2, a substantial increase in the number of parts and the number of times, such as the channel is divided into thick, fine, fine three times grinding, channel ultra-fine four times through the super-way. 

3, the use of high-precision components, straight mixing G5 grade finished ball, reducing the impact of the ball on the vibration value and other methods. Bearing micro signal: zhouchengren888 professional depth, worthy of attention!

4, from the large quantities of products selected to meet the requirements of the product.

3 (c) a superficial view of these practices

1, increase the difficulty of processing products between the process, the product a pass rate is reduced, the operator's operational skills to improve. 

2, an increase of processing costs, is not conducive to product competition in the field of market circulation.

3, should be based on the cause of the product vibration on the appropriate way to increase or decrease the processing, access to the greatest benefits

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