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NSK Cylindrical Roller Bearing At Work Noise Failure

NSK cylindrical roller bearing in the work to allow a slight operation of the sound, if the sound is too large or there is no abnormal noise or impact, then the bearing is faulty.

NSK cylindrical roller bearing noise causes more complex, one is the bearing, the outer ring with the surface wear. As a result of this wear and tear, damage the bearing and shell, bearing and shaft with the relationship, resulting in the axis deviation from the correct position in the shaft at high speed movement abnormal sound. When the bearing fatigue, the surface of the metal peeling off, but also the bearing radial clearance increased abnormal sound. In addition, the bearing lubrication is insufficient, the formation of dry friction, and bearing broken, etc. will produce abnormal sound. Bearing wear loose, the cage loose damage, will produce abnormal sound.

NSK Cylindrical Roller Bearing Damage:

NSK cylindrical roller bearing disassembly inspection, according to the bearing damage to determine the bearing failure and damage reasons.

1. Roller surface metal peeling

Bearing rolling body and the inner and outer ring raceway surface are subjected to periodic pulsating load, resulting in periodic changes in the contact stress. When the number of stress cycles to a certain value, in the rolling body or inner and outer ring raceway surface fatigue fatigue peeling. If the bearing load is too large, will make this fatigue intensified. In addition, the bearing is not installed, the shaft bending, will also produce roller off phenomenon.

The fatigue flaking of the bearing raceway reduces the operating accuracy of the shaft, causing vibration and noise to occur.

2. bearing burns

Burned bearing its raceway, the rolling body has a tempering color. The cause of the burn is generally insufficient lubrication, lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, and the bearing assembly is too tight and so on.

3. Plastic deformation

Bearing raceway and roller contact surface appears uneven pits, indicating bearing plastic deformation. The reason is that the bearing under a large static load or impact load, the working surface of the local stress exceeds the yield limit of the material, this situation generally occurs in the low-speed rotation of the bearing.

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