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Needle Roller Bearing Installation Method

Approximately 25% of all Needle Roller Bearing are damaged prematurely due to incorrect installation or improper use. A variety of applications may require the use of heating, mechanical or hydraulic installation methods to correctly and efficiently install the bearings. Choosing the appropriate installation method will help the bearing to extend the service life and reduce the cost of premature failure due to bearings and potential damage to the application. The following description by the small series of several installation methods:

Installation method: In the installation of needle roller bearing, for no inner ring or no outer ring needle roller bearing, you can first shaft or shell hole rolling surface coated with a thin layer of grease, and the needle in turn Close to the grease on the installation site. Place the last needle with a 0.5mm clearance. Must not put the last needle into the hard squeeze, so as to avoid the bearing will be stuck can not rotate the phenomenon; here in particular to emphasize that only for the needle roller bearing, due to the outer wall of the wall is very thin , It is best not to use a hand hammer to beat the installation, but should use the press to install, so that the outer ring of the needle roller bearing will not produce local deformation.

Installation method: Installation of fully loaded needle roller bearing can also be used auxiliary sleeve, the installation should be the outer surface of the bearing outer ring coated with grease, close the inner surface of the needle roller, and then instead of the journal or bearing The inner auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve is pushed into the outer ring hole and its end face is aligned with the end face of the mounting shaft or the bearing inner end face which has been mounted on the shaft and then mounted with the press or hand hammer to the correct position The

Installation method three: needle roller bearing can also be installed, that is, auxiliary sleeve coated with a thin layer of oil, into the bearing outer ring, so that the auxiliary sleeve and bearing outer ring to form a ring hole, and then in the ring hole Loaded needle. After the needle is mounted, use the working shaft to push the auxiliary sleeve out.

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