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Linear Bearing Requirements For Lubricating Oil

Because the friction caused by contact fatigue and even corrosion, the linear bearing in the operation of the accuracy will be reduced, the temperature has been in the rise, when a certain amount of heat is very easy to lead to the surface of the linear bearing burns, but also make it The size of the changes will occur, but also lead to serious linear bearing directly lose the effect, so you want to reduce the friction between the linear bearing parts, you have to the best degree of linear bearing lubrication on a regular basis to be able to run in the linear bearing stability , Reliable function and long-term application to play a good protection. And the lubrication of the bearing work, and the relevant requirements of the lubrication point of view, we need to note that the following problems can be done:

Lubricant quality must be better: in order to do a good job in the lubrication effect to ensure that linear bearing can be fully lubricated, to maintain a good lubrication, requiring attention to ensure that the use of good quality lubricants, the only way in the lubricating oil The quality of the case to do the protection of the case, only to obtain a good lubrication effect possible.

The addition of the lubricating oil must be sufficient: to ensure that the linear bearing can be maintained in a good lubrication condition in order to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient for the lubrication of the bearing.

Lubricant supply must be timely: With the use of linear bearing, lubricants will be less and less, the lubrication effect will be getting worse, so in order to do a good job lubrication, we ask the situation according to the bearing, in time lubrication When the oil is insufficient, make up.

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