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Linear Bearing Characteristics And Technical Information

Linear bearing are a low-cost linear motion system for infinite travel with cylindrical shafts. As the bearing ball and the shaft was in point contact, so the use of small load. The ball is rotated with minimal frictional resistance, resulting in a high-precision smooth movement.

The retainer is housed in the outer cylinder and is fixed by the two ends of the retainer so that the ball is repeated on the track surface without falling off.

The outer tube is subjected to a sufficient heat treatment to achieve a considerable hardness to ensure safety and longevity during exercise.

The ball holder is formed of resin, which reduces the noise and wear between the ball and the retainer.

Allowable temperature is within 80 ° C.

High precision high steel low noise

LM linear bearing with high hardness of the outer cylinder and the ball, coupled with the strict manufacturing requirements, so with high precision; the use of high tension resin retainer, reducing the amount of noise.

Easy assembly

LM linear bearing can withstand any direction of the load, the standardization of goods, standardized, with its components easy processing, easy to meet the requirements in the assembly

Linear Bearing housing LM box unit

SC type SBR type TBR type LM box unit, composed of light aluminum box and LM type linear bearing, can be easily assembled by bolt connection. The service life can be extended by adjusting the relative position of the ball circuit and the load direction

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TEL: +86-635-2336677  E-mail: nskf@sdrxzc.com