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Linear Bearing Are Eroded In Three Ways You Know?

Bearings due to the use of different environments, erosion in different ways, so the erosion of the performance is different. Linear bearing, of course, can not escape the fate of this erosion, linear bearing a total of cavitation, fluid erosion, electric erosion of the three erosion methods, the following small series to specifically talk about the three types of linear bearing erosion:

1, cavitation

The cavitation of a linear bearing is a surface damage that occurs when the solid surface is in contact with the liquid and is subjected to relative movement. When the oil in the oil film low pressure area, the oil will form bubbles, the bubble movement to the high pressure area, the pressure in the bubble under the collapse of the moment in the collapse of a great impact and high temperature, solid surface in this The impact of repeated effects, the material fatigue off, so that the friction surface appears small pits, and then developed into a sponge-like scars. Heavy load, high speed, and the load and speed changes in the larger sliding bearings, often cavitation.

2, fluid erosion

The fluid erosion of a linear bearing means that the fluid impinges on the solid surface can cause fluid erosion, causing spot-like scars on the surface of the solid, which is smoother.

3, electric erosion

Electric corrosion of linear bearing is due to electrical or electrical leakage, in the linear bearing friction between the surface of the spark, in the friction surface caused by dot-like scars, which is characterized by damage occurs on the hard surface of the journal.

To predict the fatigue life of linear bearing, to determine the remaining life, you need to understand all the bearing fatigue damage phenomenon, this will take a long time. However, since rolling fatigue is fatigue occurring at the compressive stress of the contact point, a material change will occur due to breakage. Therefore, in addition to the surface of the early cracks, raceway subjected to chemical effects, the expansion of the crack before the material changes in the situation, the detection of material changes may determine the linear bearing fatigue.

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