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How NTN Bearing Waterproofing Measures To Improve The Product Through The Use Of Precision

NTN bearings and other bearing products as in the use of the damages and fall off phenomenon, the product was the result of damage to the phenomenon for many reasons, it may be because the production of technology, however, there may be use of the environment is too harsh, we To select a product, depending on the use of the environment, reduce the chances of product appear damaged. Bearing the work will not reduce the number of accidental encounter, hitting the water naturally there will be excessive touch the water will cause the device performance degradation, we want to provide the best environment for the product to improve the efficiency of the product . Following on from Hain Ke professionals to come and analyze NTN Bearing failure problems encountered in the use, and the basic solution.

NTN Bearing friction prone to excessive external hardware damage, we need to keep the environment clean equipment work to ensure the normal use of the device. Equipment in use appears excessive wear also may be due to dust ingress, resulting in damage to the equipment.

Bearing External Hard exposed to air too long, vulnerable to air oxidation, resulting in damage to the equipment. We want to regularly lubricate the device, erase the dust. If users want to improve lubrication efficiency of the equipment, but also remember to remove impurities in lubrication to improve the efficiency of lubricating oil lubrication. Equipment likely to cause pollution particles too bad operation of the equipment, and these particles come from impurities in the lubricating oil to help us improve the efficiency of the device.

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TEL: +86-635-2336677  E-mail: nskf@sdrxzc.com