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How IKO Bearings For Proper Cleaning

IKO bearings can ensure the normal use of regular cleaning products to ensure that products can be long-term normal, steady play effectiveness and improve the efficiency of the product. Bearing full and proper performance of its long-term? Also can help reduce spending because the purchase bearing pay. The operator must effectively do regular maintenance of products, improve efficiency in the use of the product. Through appropriate periodic inspection? Achieve early detection of failure? Because the failure to prevent the damage caused to the product. We in the end how it can improve the efficiency of the use of IKO bearings do? Following on from Hain Ke professionals to come and tell you about it.

1. Check with the judgment

IKO bearings in use, or maintenance of the product must do maintenance work, improve the efficiency of products to prevent the phenomenon of product damage, resulting in decreased efficiency of the product. Our product before use to make a repair to ensure that products meet the standard used. Modern bearing repair technology includes motion control, intelligence, self-diagnosis, and many other technology to improve the efficiency of the bearing detection.

2, bearing cleaning

IKO bearings use efficiency and the degree of self-cleaning, good cleaning products will be able to help us to improve the efficiency of the device where. Cleaning IKO bearings divided into coarse and fine wash wash, sperm washing in? We need to put oil slowly rotating bearings? Carefully cleaned. Fine wash detergent used mostly neutral oil, to prevent damage to the bearing products. No matter what kind of cleaning agents to use? Filter should always be kept clean and improve the cleaning efficiency of the bearing.

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TEL: +86-635-2336677  E-mail: nskf@sdrxzc.com