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Deep Groove Ball Bearing Sealing Method

On the deep groove ball bearing several common sealing methods introduced to help you correctly understand and better use deep groove ball bearing. Users who have used deep groove ball bearing should know that deep groove ball bearing seals are usually divided into two kinds of self-sealing and external sealing.

The self-contained seal is primarily designed for contact seals. As the seal directly with the shaft contact, work friction, wear serious, therefore, only for low-speed applications. Contact seals are mainly felt ring seal and lip seal. Felt ring seal is in the deep groove ball bearing cap on the trapezoidal groove, the blankets in accordance with the standard made of circular or with rows, placed in the trapezoidal groove in the shaft close contact. Felt ring seal is mainly used for grease lubrication occasions, simple structure, but the friction coefficient is large, only for sliding speed less than 4-5m / s, and the working temperature is not higher than 90 ℃ place. The lip seal is placed in a deep groove ball bearing cap with a lip seal made of oil resistant rubber and tightened against the shaft by the elastic force of the bent rubber and the fastening action of the additional annular coil spring In order to seal the role. The lip seal is sealed in the direction of the seal. That is, if the main is to seal the oil, seal lip should be deep groove ball bearing (inward). If the main thing is to prevent intrusion of foreign objects, the seal lip should be back to the deep groove ball bearings. If both requirements are required, it is best to use the two lip seals in the reverse direction of the sealing lip. Lip seal seals can be used when the contact surface sliding speed is less than 10m / s or less than 15m / s.

The external seal is mainly composed of labyrinth and contact type design. The more the maze level (no less than the two poles) the smaller the gap the better the effect of sealing. Labyrinth of the gap according to the size of the deep groove ball bearing size to take the side of 0.6 ~ 1.5mm; axial 4 ~ 6mm. Contact the skeleton oil seal in the rolling mill on the application of a wide range, in order to increase the effect can be used in two or three. Oil seal has direction, can not be installed anti. Hot rolling mill generally installed two oil seals, two oil lip should be outside the bearing seat to prevent the external dirt immersion. Cold rolling mill generally installed three oil seal near the deep groove ball bearing an oil seal lip to be inward to prevent the grease overflow affect the quality of the material. Use caution when using oil seal, to avoid loading the roll when the impact of lip, affecting the sealing effect.

RBR seal ring, which is a rolling mill bearing a special rubber lip seal ring, in recent years has been widely used. The RBR seal ring is axially sealed and its lip is attached to the base surface of the gland and is not affected by the roll run. The old grease inside the bearing can overflow, the external cooling water, the iron oxide skin, the impurity is blocked by the lip To enter, have a better sealing effect. And easy to use, roll roll when the roller into the bearing seat without any impact.

Non-contact seal, the use of this sealing method to avoid the sliding friction between the contact surface.

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