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Accurate Measurement Of Spherical Roller Bearing

Traditionally, the method of measuring the curvature and position of the roller raceway in the spherical roller bearing is relatively backward, so the advanced measurement method is explored to improve the measurement accuracy.

1, the drawbacks of the template measurement method

At present in the processing and measurement of Spherical Roller Bearing raceway, most of the use of model measurement method, by observing the coordinates of the three-dimensional test through the qualified curvature of the model and the location of the raceway and the degree of matching the optical gap to determine the inner raceway curvature And whether the location is qualified. Although the optical gap method intuitive, but can not quantify the measurement results. When the inner raceway can not be measured by the model, the correction of the inner raceway can only be judged by the operator or the personal experience of the inspector. The human error caused by this process may cause the actual curvature and position of the inner raceway to differ greatly from the theoretical design. When the actual size of the bearing face is smaller than the design size, the position of the z-axis of the inner raceway is shifted by the size of the end face due to the measurement of the face A as the reference plane, Close to the center of the raceway. This change causes the double inner raceway to be displaced from the center of the theoretical sphere that should be formed by the roller, forming two independent eccentric hemispheres, resulting in the deviation of the outer diameter of the roller assembly from the outer raceway.

Ⅰ due to the reduction of the size of the end of the raceway z axis position close to the center line, then the roller position due to changes in the track caused by changes in contact points, resulting in roller and outer raceway theoretical clearance value is changed, Roller and the actual state of the raceway, and Ⅱ for the theoretical state, Ⅲ for the diagonal intersection position. Changing the roller and the inner raceway contact point causes the raceway diagonal to no longer intersect the center point of the inner ring, greatly affecting the bearing self-aligning performance.

As the inner raceway position and the theoretical design value of the deviation, greatly affect the bearing rotation performance, resulting in the bearing during the race in the local fatigue caused by the possibility of greatly increased, and ultimately directly affect the bearing life, the host run potential threat.

2, accurate measurement methods

Based on the principle of determining a circle at 3 points on the same straight line, the radius of curvature and the center of the inner race can be calculated by determining the position of the 3 points on the raceway in the arc.

The measurement principle is shown in Fig. In the figure, O is the center of the inner raceway, the coordinates are (xi, zi); xi is the radial position of the inner raceway; zi is the axial position of the inner raceway; Ri is the radius of curvature of the inner raceway; B is the inner ring width; H1, H2 and H3 are A1, A2 and A3, respectively, to the inner end of the distance; D1, D2 and D3 are A1, A2 and A3, respectively, the diameter of the raceway.

According to the geometric relationship can be listed

After determining H1, H2 and H3 through the platform and height card gauge, D1, D2 and D3 are measured with the ruler and the standard gauge using the current method of measuring the raceway size of the Spherical Roller Bearing. (1) ~ (3), can calculate Ri, xi and zi, so as to complete the spherical roller bearing raceway curvature and position of the measurement and calculation. Although the manual calculation is more cumbersome, but can be simplified by computer-aided calculation method.

3, application

After the inner raceway measurement is completed, the machining error of the inner raceway curvature and position can be determined accurately by comparing the detected value with the theoretical value. According to the grinding method, based on the test data, correct the grinding wheel dresser parameters until the product qualified after the dresser parameters. When the inner track curvature and position of the processing parameters can be directly returned to the original ruler measurement of the inner raceway size of the detection method, in order to achieve processing measurement.

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