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Thrust Ball Bearing Market Circulation

Do you really understand thrust ball bearing? Here I will explain,

Thrust ball bearing 1. With one-way, two-way two types 2. In order to allow the installation error, whether it is one-way or two-way, you can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion or spherical seat type. 3. High-quality steel - the use of the bearing life can extend the maximum 80% of the ultra-clean steel 4. High grease technology - NSK lubricant technology can extend the life of grease and improve bearing performance 5. High-grade steel ball - High-speed rotation of the quiet and smooth 6. With the optional ring, can be installed with the installation error.

Thrust ball bearing are supported by axial load roller bearings and their nominal contact angles greater than 45 degrees, the basic parts of the shaft and the race ring and the rolling body with or without cage.


Special flat bearing raceway ultra-fine technology to improve bearing performance. The use of high-speed hot forging forming process to improve the utilization of materials 18%, with low noise, long life of the thrust ball bearing. The new technology of the hydrogenated cage surface, an increase of 64% tensile strength in the cage.

The main purposeī¸°

Elevator accessories / plastic machinery

Office equipment, medical equipment

Stepper motor / reduction gear device

Pressure rotor / fitness and sports equipment.

Plane Thrust Ball Bearing You should now have a better understanding.

Thrust ball bearing with the continuous development of market economy progress, the rapid development of the industry, to promote the thrust ball bearing market circulation, many large industrial enterprises need to help thrust ball bearing, our company's professional service team welcome to come Buy! The gradual fierce competition in the market is also a large extent affected the development of our thrust ball bearing, good and bad products on the market so that the majority of consumers can not buy the ideal product, here, we thrust the ball bearing company to remind you to buy thrust ball Bearing the time must look for professional supply manufacturers. Our company over the years the purpose of development is to serve customers, all the interests of the user first, we believe that only professional thrust ball bearing can really help the needs of the majority of users work to help the major production machinery and equipment to run, so that the majority of enterprises Methodical development, growing!

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