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NACHI bearing steel multifunction needs of laid-quality base

NACHI bearing is a superior performance bearings, can help users to achieve efficient production and improve production efficiency where equipment. NACHI bearings must be used when machining high-performance bearing steel, improve product efficiency and precision, extend equipment life. The main products are composed of material bearing steel materials, mainly steel performance has a great impact on the end-use efficiency. Bearing suppliers in the time of manufacture of the product selection of materials to do work on equipment to help the product work better. Then the product of the steel material in the choice in the end need to pay attention to what specific performance? Following on from Hain Ke professionals come to tell you about it.

1, impact toughness

NACHI bearing in use to bear most of the stress, help where equipment can be operated better. Products bearing under pressure for use is very necessary, bearing steel requires a certain toughness. Bearing products with a certain toughness to be able to ensure the bearing is not damaged by impact. Especially those high demand for carrying capacity of industries, requires a material having a relatively high impact toughness, we need to use more assured of quality materials to improve the impact toughness of the product.

2, good dimensional stability

Bearing product before use for long-term preservation, long-term storage and use, the internal organization of the product will change, resulting in products bearing the size and gravity changes. Bearing size changes, easily lead to the loss of precision bearings, resulting in decreased productivity where equipment. In order to improve the efficiency of the device where bearing products, we need to improve the dimensional stability of the bearing material.

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