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NACHI bearing down where equipment maintenance Notes

NACHI bearing mechanical equipment is widely used, it can help us to improve the efficiency in the use of equipment, reduce excessive pressure equipment appears. We use this equipment to carry out regular maintenance, inspection equipment in the base of spare parts, equipment is not only used to improve quality. Mechanical parts and machinery used to play vital role, can help us to improve the efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, we must be on the part of the unit regular maintenance and maintenance, and improve the efficiency of the device. When the mechanical stop, the operator needs to mechanical components correlation detection, efficient use of components. So how do we conduct NACHI bearings maintain it? Following on from Hain Ke professionals to come and tell you about it.

1, to keep clean the bearing and lubrication is very important.

First a good job cleaning parts of the equipment prior to conservation is very important, we will not see in advance for cleaning, ensure the use of the device environment. Check before you must first clean the surface of the machine, then remove the bearing peripheral parts, will be cleared of stains. Seal is very fragile parts, so be careful of demolition, to prevent damage to the oil seal. When the device is basically clean up after the completion of inspection equipment surrounding parts, if parts have been damaged phenomenon, it must be replaced.

2. Check lubricant

NACHI bearing lubricant on the need for periodic lubrication, so as to improve the efficiency of the product. We guarantee efficiency in the use of lubricant Oh, we need to improve the detection efficiency of the equipment lubricants, lubricating oil can ensure normal use. Stained with little friction lubricant between two fingers, to feel the presence of foreign bodies.

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