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IKO bearing failure self-test method are classified

Japan IKO bearings Thomson's products in a branch. IKO bearings because of its excellent quality has become many manufacturers worldwide use the products. It is not to explain IKO bearings would not have problems? Any one product during operation are somewhat problematic, it is not seen much. As long as we can in a timely manner through the bearing parts run well aware of the abnormal state will be able to nip in the bud

1. The bearing temperature

When mechanical operation, under normal circumstances is allowed to install certain parts of the bearing temperature, but by hand touching parts case, should not feel hot can be, if there is a hot feeling touched bearing indicates bearings When the operating temperature is too high. Causes high bearing temperatures are: inferior quality or deterioration lubricants, lubricating dredge pipe blockage, cooler selection failed, bearing damage or improper bearing installation

2. bearing noise

We are familiar with clearance has great influence on the noise, determine excessive clearance methods are: a stationary state IKO bearing axial displacement, the greater the amplitude of its reciprocating movement during operation will send a large, muddy noise. If the bearing is fastened too tight, so bearing in operation will be issued sharp sound. Bearing operating for too long, leading to the appearance of the metal removal would also make bearing abnormal sound at high speeds. And because of the lack of lubricant will produce dry mill will be issued bearing abnormal sound.

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