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How to choose the supplier NACHI bearing constituent materials

Bearings are an important part of the machinery. Where the equipment can help achieve a better operation. Its main function is to reduce the coefficient of friction during movement to ensure the accuracy of its operation. With the continuous development of bearing manufacturing technology, the use of bearings have been standardized, serialized, using different bearing types of quality and price differ. Bearing materials are mainly steel materials, the material properties of steel is mainly used to determine the performance of the device. NACHI bearing constituent material is steel material, The quality of steel will determine the use of quality products. Then steel bearings in the end have what characteristic? Only when we understand the composition of the material relevant characteristics to be able to make better choices. Following on from Hain Ke professionals to come and tell you about the composition of the steel feature NACHI bearing material.

First, the contact fatigue strength

NACHI bearing load under the action period, the surface of the product is easily damaged, so the contact fatigue strength of the product materials must meet the standards. Contact with the onset of the appearance of the product is very easy to fatigue damage, surface cracks appear peeling, in order to improve bearing life, we must choose the contact fatigue strength of steel with high strength.

Second, wear resistance

NACHI bearing wear is also very important, the various components of the bearing in the use of the process there will be constant friction, so that the bearing parts have been worn. In order to reduce the wear of the bearing parts, we need to increase the bearing wear appropriate. Improve the wear resistance of the bearing material bearing itself can solve wear problems, to maintain the stability of precision bearings, to help where the equipment is operated better.

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