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Front bearing installation, six work ultimately!

NACHI bearing prior to installation requires careful measurements, maintenance and cleanup work, and so on. Bearing products for modern industry is very important, it can help us to improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. Before we use bearings to prepare work on the product, improve the efficiency of the product. So in the end how preparations of products bearing it? Following on from Hain Ke professionals come to tell you about it.

1, before bearing installation, you should first of all product testing work, good size measurement work products. Use appropriate measurement tool, the analysis parameters were measured according to the manufacturer's maps, check the accuracy of processing quality, to identify the authenticity of the product and the size of the bearing. We can also detect some shapes and roughness plug products, how to determine the product of work. If found not to match more slippery immediately to prevent damage to equipment.

2, the operator finally do surface inspection work on the product, to determine the specific use of the product quality, product table if the people there are many glitches, we want to remove the burr and prevent these glitches affect the normal use of the device. Hole bumps also cause abnormal operation of the device on the shaft and bearing assembly surface, we want to clear pores. Use oil deburring cleaning dirt and other solid particles and clean.

3, bearing products even before the formal use, wash the product, reducing the surface stolen goods products, improve efficiency in the use of the product. We can use gasoline to clean the mounting surface when cleaning, then wipe clean cloth dedication.

4, the operator opens the temporary installation package in high temperature bearings, to immerse it in gasoline, then gently rotated to ensure thorough cleaning oil bearing.

5, cleaning bearings best placed in the hot oil 90 ° to 100 °, and then again with kerosene, gasoline and the like, and then after finally washed clean. The operator in the cleaning process should wear gloves to prevent harm rivals.

6, the operator must not take the sealed bearings to clean, so that is likely to cause damage to the bearing, is not conducive to carry out cleaning work.

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