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Features IKO bearings steel bearing analysis to improve processing efficiency

IKO bearings use efficiency and product life and material related to the manufacture of the product itself, we want to improve the efficiency of the product by increasing the manufacturing materials products. Bearing materials are mainly steel, has excellent anti-rust properties, abrasion, to help improve the efficiency of the use of the product. We need to understand the characteristics of both products will improve the efficiency of the product. Following on from Hain Ke professionals and tell you about the main features of this product is the material of it.

Bearing steel features:

First, the contact fatigue strength

Contact fatigue strength of the product will determine the life of the product, which means the higher the contact fatigue strength of the product, the higher the efficiency of the product, the longer the life of the product. Load bearing under the influence of the cycle, the contact appearance is very prone to fatigue damage phenomenon. In order to improve the efficiency of products, extend product life, we should improve the fatigue resistance of the product materials to improve products rigid. Rigid bad, product surface easily damaged, that the emergence of crack spalling, is likely to cause damage to the bearings, in order to increase the service life of bearings, bearing steel must have a certain strength of the contact fatigue resistance.

Second, wear resistance

IKO bearings when performing any task, rings, kept rolling friction occurs between the rolling elements and maintain aircraft, but also the onset of sliding friction, resulting in products have been in uninterrupted worn, resulting in reduced bearing life. In order to increase the wear bearing parts and prolong the service life of bearings, bearing steel should have good wear resistance. Manufacturer I i a more efficient use of the product and extend the life of the product, we should choose a material having abrasion resistance.

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